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Two Best Friends Train

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Re: Two Best Friends Train

Post by Axel on Sat Dec 17, 2011 10:59 am

Horus came out of his Pokeball, snarling as per usual, just in time for the battle to begin. Axel shielded his own eyes as the Gastly used Hypnosis, hoping that Horus had been smart enough to do the same. When he was almost sure the move had ended, Axel opened his eyes to see Horus standing there, snarling. Axel wondered for a moment what the Scyther had done, exactly, but then remembered he was in a battle. "All right, Horus, Swords Dance." Axel called out. Might as well have this battle go on for a little while, right?

Horus, meanwhile, crossed his scythe-arms and was raised a little bit into the air, where he was surrounded by a golden glow which, if one was to stats at it long and hard, swords from across the ages were clashing. The glow slowly faded from all of his body but his scythe-arms as Horus descended. The Scyther smiled at the Gastly, pointing one glowing arm at the ghost.

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Re: Two Best Friends Train

Post by Eon on Sat Dec 17, 2011 12:23 pm

Eon looked diverted his gaze from the Gastly's Hypnosis attack, as the other two trainers had done. Despite that, Eon could still feel a soft lulling and calling. It was probably due to Eon having a small amount of psychic powers that made him more sensitive to the psychic impulses caused by Gastly's Hypnosis. Eon though, managed to shake himself out of the Hypnosis used by Gastly.

Eon watched as the Scyther executed its Swords Dance attack and briefly thought back to the time when Raven had been battling that Scyther. That Scyther still had the fierce look in its eyes. That was probably atypical of Scythers. Reaching out with his mind, Eon could feel that the Scyther just wanted to win and be the best. That kind of champion mentality was what all or most Scythers had. That explained the Scyther's annoyance at Raven's attacks.

Eon then turned back to the Gastly, feeling nothing but malice coming out from it. There was nothing cold or evil about Gastly's personality itself though, it was just the sheer darkness of all the spirits that Gastly's body was made up of that was giving out the miasmic aura. That Gastly was quite close to its trainer, Eon could tell.

Eon got himself into a slightly better mood as he looked expectantly at the battle, expecting a great battle by these two trainers.

OoC: I can't really make Eon do or say much unless there actually is something that Eon can pass a judgment about. What I did here, was to utilise Eon's psychic powers to get to understand each of the participants in the battle.


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