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Raphiel and Rach

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Raphiel and Rach

Post by bluedoom on Tue Dec 06, 2011 8:23 am

Name: Raphiel 'Wolf' Sergei
Aliases/ Nicknames: 'Wolf'- its his stage name.

Sex: Male

Sexuality: Asexual/ Straight. Usually the former though.

Age: 22

Hometown: Jubilife City, Sinnoh region

Family: Vladmir Sergei( Father), Nikita Sergei( Sister), Emma Sergei(Mother)

Physical Description: Can't exactly link it, but Death Note's L

Additional Information: Likes blue. A lot. Oh, and black. And oranges( even the fruit)

Inventory: 5 x Pokeball, 1 x Potion

Rank: Trainer/ Co-ordinator



Personality: Laid back and absolutely lazy at times. Hates people who whine a lot. Is an absolute day-dreamer and deep thinker, which helps him in pokemon battles. Because of his deep thinking, he's always thinking of strategies and back-up strategies, whether it comes to pokemon, or if he ever becomes a detective someday. He's a different person on stage as he suddenly becomes magical with his music.

History: Raphiel's family was a normal, four member one, which lived in Juilife city for a very long time. Raphiel's family was deeply into music, and being in contact with famous personalities( including professor Oak), he was able to form a band and get on stage with ease. His parents first saw talent in him at the age of four, when he saw a piano and was amazed by it. He started pressing each key and finding out how each sounded.

By the age of fourteen, Raphiel had learnt a lot of instruments, and thought he wasn't a professional musician, his knowledge was good enough to start a band and come on stage. Which he did. As years passed he got to meet many famous musicians, whose advice were real important in getting him to the success he tasted at present. And all was well and good- he had a degree, had a nice job for himself, and was content performing, roaming all over Sinnoh and Hoenn.

But then one day professor Oak called his parents and asked him to become a pokemon trainer as he saw great potential in Raphiel. Now normally Raphiel's parents would refuse, but since it was OAK who was talking, they started bugging Raphiel to move into Tohjo to start a new journey, something else that Oak had wanted- more research there. Raphiel blatantly refused at first, but after constant whining and naggin, he decided to give in and become a trainer, and, thinking that co-ordinator was not really different, decided to take up on that too. He thought that he could probably influece the Tohjo region with his music too now, but unfortunately without a band. He curses himself for agreeing to the deal- now he has to search for more bandmates.

As for how he got a pokemon? Professor Oak happily gave him a Trapinch to add to his misery. Now he did form some sort of a bond with his trapinch, calling it 'Rach', but he has not much of a great idea how to train it. Hopefully reading the pokedex and co-ordinator guides will help him.


Pokemon #1: Trapinch Nickname: Rach (Gender): Male
Moves: Bite, Sand Tomb if its allowed, since its weak even though its a lvl 25 attack. Otherwise Sand attack.

Pokemon #2 (nickname?) (Gender):

Pokemon #3 (nickname?) (Gender):

Pokemon #4 (nickname?) (Gender):

Pokemon #5 (nickname?) (Gender):

Pokemon #6 (nickname?) (Gender):

PC Pokemon:


Special Ability: He's a musician and can play a wide array of musical instruments. But be handy sometime.

Battling Style: Quite the defensive, although its more of planning and then back-up planning. He studied big time in his early years, but had no interest to continue past his degree, which is what contributes to this style. He'd like to old, trick and sick'em type of strategies.

Motto: "Eh, at least its not the end of my life."


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Re: Raphiel and Rach

Post by Eon on Tue Dec 06, 2011 8:56 am

Approved. Although the parts about Proffessor Oak are kind of out of character for Oakey there. I allow Sand Tomb, if only because it's a weak attack rather than a strong one.


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