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Bellarosa, Raven

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Bellarosa, Raven

Post by Raven on Fri Dec 09, 2011 1:16 am

Name: Raven Bellarosa

Aliases/ Nicknames: Ray-Ray, Rose

Sex: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Age: 17

Hometown: Nimbasa City, Unova

Family: Mother: Elizabeth; Father: Nicholas; Younger Sister: Julia

Physical Description:

Additional Information: Her father was quiet the trainer in his day, but he lost the championship at the last moment. Not wanting to try to beat the champion again, her father simply settled down and became a breeder. He gave Raven something from his travels, a Soothe Bell that helped him obtain his Swoobat Ragnarok. Raven wears it in her berret as a good luck charm, it is damaged and therefore not usable.

Inventory: 5 pokeballs, 1 potion

Rank: Trainer

Badges: 0

Ribbons: N/A

Personality: Raven is a rather quiet, and mild young lady. She often finds herself tripping over her own words with how shy she can be. She can also be very clumsy, as she trips over her own feet and does not pay attention all too often. However, she has much potential in her and hopes that a pokemon journey will help her over come her shy and awkward self. She's very kind and loving, and will treat her team like family.

History: Raven was born to a ex-trainer, currently breeder father and a mother who worked as an assitant to the local Nurse Joy. All her life she's loved pokemon, especially her father's Samurott Vortex, who was often a playmate for the young girl. However, due to an illness she contracted before she turned ten she couldn't begin her journey at the appointed time.
The illness left her without a pokemon for a very long time, and she was often in the hospital because of the sickness. But once she turned 17, she beat it and set her heart on starting her journey. She picked her starting pokemon, and set out on adventure.



Snivy (Alabaster) (Male):
Moves: Tackle, Vine Whip

Pokemon #2 (nickname?) (Gender):

Pokemon #3 (nickname?) (Gender):

Pokemon #4 (nickname?) (Gender):

Pokemon #5 (nickname?) (Gender):

Pokemon #6 (nickname?) (Gender):

PC Pokemon:


Special Ability: Raven can play the flute, and she does this to help her Snivy to sleep.

Battling Style: Raven tries to find a balance between the two, but due to her father's blood in her veins she usually goes for more pyshical then statigic

Motto: It's not how many times you fall, but how quickly you get back up

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Re: Bellarosa, Raven

Post by ReploidZero on Fri Dec 09, 2011 8:25 pm


This looks pretty nice...You'll start out in New Come Port as well. Be sure to read the rp'ing rules...start up your character sheet to keep track of your EXP and badges...and be sure to read up on the evolution rules. XD

Good Luck!

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