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The Mysterious Pokemon Egg(Event Only)

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The Mysterious Pokemon Egg(Event Only)

Post by ReploidZero on Sat Dec 24, 2011 2:18 am

Zero was calmly strolling along Fauna City clutching Machop and Yanma's Poke Balls in his hands. He knew he needed to get just a little more training in and he'd be ready to challenge the Fauna City Gym Leader. He casually strolled over to the nearby park when he gazed up at the sky briefly and then shuddered. The once sunny sky can become cloudy and cold as the clouds began to roll in.

"That's strange...It was warm only a few minutes ago,and Fauna City is supposed to be a warm place anyways with it's plants and foliage. Must be my imagination."

Suddenly,the air around Zero began growing colder as the sky darkened a bit,and it suddenly began snowing as Zero shivered. Heading off for a nearby bench under a tree for shade from the snow,Zero spotted a figure off in the distance. One that appeared like an elderly man. Zero quietly approached him

"Oh boy...looks like some senile man lost his way out here. Excuse me sir are you lost?"

The man merely smiled at him,a tooth or two was missing from his mouth as he grinned at Zero. Holding out a Pokemon Egg.

""Well hello there sonny! Betcha think I'm jest a senile old bag looking to me his maker now don't ya? Well I'm not...I was strolling on my way home when I encountered his discarded Pokemon Egg just sitting out here in cold. I'm too old to care for this thing myself so you wouldn't mind taking this off my hands would you?"

Zero could only widen his eyes as he stared at this strange old man. Still Zero knew to respect the elderly,they can be a bit confused and stuck in their own ways sometimes. After all Zero would potentially be like this man one day,so he nodded in agreement and grabbed the Pokemon Egg out of his hands as he held it close to provide warmth. "Thank you sir,I don't mind this egg at all. I'll take this guy off your hands." Zero calmly walked off with a smirk. As the old man appeared to vanish into the snow moments later.

"What a strange man."

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