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Post by RagnarokX on Sat Dec 24, 2011 3:58 am

I was feeling quite tired as I traveled upon the beaten path of the Lunar Mountains. The air was quite cool to the touch and it gave me a calm feeling that put my battle hungry spirit to rest for the time being. Rage slithered next to me contently. He was happy from the battles that we had recently been in. I was quite satisfied as well. I had won the gym badge from the Fauna City Gym that was ran by Joshua and his bug types. I'd caught a new pokemon after that battle. It was a female Rhyhorn that was very fiesty and apparently quick to anger. Growly was in his pokeball. He had been the main reason why I had won the Fauna City Gym badge. He was not a pokemon to be taken lightly. Although, none of my pokemon were to be taken lightly.

I gave a sigh as I knew that I had to begin training Horny soon. I was lost in my own thoughts and had not realized that I had wondered off the worn out path and into the woods. I quickly turned my head about, searching for a way out. This proved a bad idea as I had the direction that I had traveled. I gave a small sigh. Suddenly the sky began to darken above. It sent an ominous chill throughout the entire forest. Dark clouds rolled into view. The wind howled all around me. The leaves on the trees rustled back and forth as they were picked up by the wind. Rage jumped on my shoulder. Our bodies tensed up as we prepared for any danger that was to come.

Leaves blew past me in a spiral as though they were pretending to be a twister. A nearby bush began to rustle repeatedly by me. I growled as I turned toward it.

Whoever you are come out and face me now. I never back down froma challenge and I won't be doing that anytime soon.

No answer approached from the bush aside from the same old rustling sound. A moment or two passed and the rustling had stopped for a moment. I give a small shrug and Rage climbs down from my shoulders. It seemed that everything had gone back to normal and I began to look for a way out again. Suddenly a huge blast of wind surrounded me and Rage. I didn't know what was going on as I tried to fight it. I then lost consciousness, but I knew not how long.

I awoke back on the path. My head was pounding with even the smallest of movements. I shook the grogginess from my eyes as I looked around. I looked up in front of me to find a creepy old man. It was so dark that I could barely see what he looked like. He then set something down in front of me and it felt as though the very lights of the world had been clicked off. Then almost as fast as they had gone out, they had clicked back on. The man was gone and there in front of me was a pokemon egg. I looked around for the man, but he was nowhere to be seen. I picked up the egg and gave another shrug.

I don't know who that was Rage, but he must have had some reason for giving us this egg.

Rage gave a small purr and I nodded. I turned back around and headed back to Fauna City.

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