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Koga Urufu's Profile

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Koga Urufu's Profile

Post by Koga Urufu on Sat Nov 26, 2011 7:47 pm

Name: Koga Urufu

Aliases/ Nicknames: just Koga


Sexuality: Straight

Age: 18

Hometown: Blackthorn City,Johto

Family: Mother and Father,both at home.

Physical Description: Disregard the gun and glasses. He wears the headphone over his neck.

Additional Information: Plays an Azure Flute to control his Pokemon,he must train them regularly before he uses this method.

Inventory: 5 average pokeballs,1 potion,1 Azure Flute(continually used)

Rank: Trainer/Corodinater

Badges: None

Ribbons: None

Personality: Koga is a man who loves beauty. He however also knows how to battle. To this he thanks his mother and father for his mother had a Gardevoir and father has a Gallade. They are both powerful Psychic Pokemon and each specialized in an art. Gallade was a fighter and Gardevoir was the one who would win Pokemon Contests. Koga is quite lazy but when he gets into action he keeps his mind set.

Koga seems to be a lazy male who loves to relax,sleep and eat but in all actuality is he a very observant fellow who has a stern face which would make people think other wise. Koga hides his intellect out of sheer Apathy. Not caring much about thing that happen around him,yet he does have his limits. When Koga becomes serious, you KNOW somethings about to happen. Koga also has an undying urge to relax WHENEVER possible. People would usually stumble upon his body when he feel out of a tree for his nap yet still layed asleep.

History: Koga lived in Blackthorn City his entire life until of late where his parent's Pokemon mated and release an egg and inside the egg was a Ralts,who was given to Koga. Koga decided it was finally time for him to begin his Pokemon adventure and set off to a new region. Saying goodbye to his loving parents Koga went off to become a Pokemon Contest Champion and set goals to become a Member of the Elite Four of a new region. A region finally opening up to the Pokemon battling world.

Koga set off,after teaching his Ralts to be able to know what he is saying by playing his music,setting music tones to actions. Koga went on a ship and after a day arrives at his new destination,the Tohjo Region.



Ralts ♂ :
Moves: Confusion,Teleport,Magical Leaf,Heal Pulse

Pansear ♀ :
Moves:Bite,incinerator,Furry Swipes

Abra ♂ :
Moves: Teleport

Pokemon #4 (nickname?) (Gender):

Pokemon #5 (nickname?) (Gender):

Pokemon #6 (nickname?) (Gender):

PC Pokemon:


Special Ability: Koga plays music from his Azure Flute to tell his pokemon what moves to do and actions.

Battling Style: Koga plays defensively and adds beauty to his attacks whenever possible.

Motto: "I don't really want to battle you, but oh well,if you insist."

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Koga Urufu

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Re: Koga Urufu's Profile

Post by Yukki on Sat Nov 26, 2011 8:04 pm

Approved. Have fun.

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