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Ceru Blaine, Pokemon Trainer. <3

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Ceru Blaine, Pokemon Trainer. <3

Post by Yukki on Sat Nov 26, 2011 7:58 pm

Name: Ceru Blaine

Aliases/ Nicknames: N/A

Sex: Male

Sexuality: Bi

Age: 16

Hometown: Kanto Region- Cerulean City

Family: Melinda Blaine (Mother) Elijah Blaine (Father)

Physical Description:

Additional Information: Ceru is a Trainer/Battler mainly, doing contests when he feels like doing so.

Inventory: 4 Pokeballs, 1 Potion

Rank: Trainer/When-he-feels-like-it-Coordinator



Personality: Cheerful but lazy, not really wanting to do things he deems unimportant. He's actually a pretty nice person when you get to know him, seeming to come off shy at first. He seems to have a serious side when he gets angry, preferring to stay calm and developing a passive-agressive personality.

History: Ceru had always been fascinated with Pokemon, throughout his entire life. At the age of ten, when he wished to finally become a Trainer, his family moved from Cerulean City where he had been born and where he had lived for ten years, to Floaroma Town in the Sinnoh Region. Ceru loved the town, of course- It was homey and pretty, and had a good supply of wild Pokemon around it. The only problem was that it was lacking a professor and any means for him to become a Trainer. He endured five years of this before his family moved once again to Newcome Port, Ceru's parents knowing how antsy he was getting. At the age of 16 in the Tohjo region, he got his chance when a wild Snorunt stumbled out of one of the ships at the port, far away from the Glacier Path area where it should have been. It had ended up that the Snorunt had gotten lost from it's group and had accidentally boarded the ship near Crystal City, having not known what it was. The Snorunt was lost and was looking for any form of companionship, and jumped at the joy and pure agreement Ceru felt when his father asked if he would like to start his journey now, with this Pokemon. It was soon agreed by everyone and Ceru was off, finally beginning his Pokemon adventure.



Snorunt (Male):
Icy Wind

Pachirisu (Male):
Quick Attack

Dwebble (Male):
Fury Cutter
Rock Blast
Rock Polish

Pokemon #4 (nickname?) (Gender):

Pokemon #5 (nickname?) (Gender):

Pokemon #6 (nickname?) (Gender):

PC Pokemon:

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Re: Ceru Blaine, Pokemon Trainer. <3

Post by Koga Urufu on Sat Nov 26, 2011 8:02 pm

approved Wink

Koga Urufu

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