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Eon and Raven

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Eon and Raven

Post by Eon on Sun Nov 27, 2011 3:49 pm

Name: Eon

Aliases/ Nicknames: E (by Axel)

Sex: Male

Age: 19

Hometown: Mossdeep City, Hoenn

Garen (Father)
Irene (Mother)
Owen (Younger Brother)

Physical Description:
Eon is tall and thin. His face looks very sculpted, with a small pointed nose, bright blue eyes and thin lips.

Additional Information:
Eon has a very bored look on his face most of the times, which seem to annoy a lot of people around him. This is all a facade though, as Eon believes that to be a good Pokemon Coordinator, he has to remain composed externally regardless of how he feels inside, he tends to bottle up his real emotions except when the emotions are very, very extreme.

5 Pokeballs
Pokemon Coordinator Guidebook

Rank: Pokemon Coordinator



Eon is a huge perfectionist. He aims to be perfect in whatever he does. This seems like a good point about him, except for when he starts getting agitated whenever things don't go his way or when people mess his "perfection" up. He is mostly very jovial and friendly except for times when he is unable to reach his standard of perfection. During those times, Eon becomes very irritable and gets angered easily.

Eon was born to a family of pokemon trainers. His parents were both strong pokemon trainers and wished Eon to be a strong pokemon trainer too. At the age of twelve, Eon's parents took him out with them to find a pokemon. To their dismay, Eon was uninterested in many of the stronger pokemon that they had encountered. Eon was instead attracted and appealed by cuter pokemon that was not as strong.

There was one pokemon that Eon had formed a bond with though, and that was a female Ralts that Eon and his parents encountered near Lilycove City. Eon's mother and Eon both had natural psychic powers, allowing them to communicate with psychic pokemon through their minds. The female Ralts that Eon had met instantaneously bonded with Eon. Just by touching the Ralts, Eon was subject to all of the Ralts' inner thoughts and feelings. Just like that, Eon gained his Ralts, whom he named Raven, as his first pokemon.

As Eon grew older though, he became more interested in pokemon contests than in actual pokemon battles, although he was trained hard by his parents to be a strong pokemon trainer. Eon became quite a good pokemon trainer from his training even though he dislikes pokemon battles and rarely participates in one. Eon's parents were unhappy about Eon's preference for pokemon contests, but were pacified with Eon's younger brother having a huge interest in pokemon battles.

When Eon became 19 and his brother 17, both of them were given consent by their parents to go on an adventure to become stronger trainers. Both of the brothers had their own goals though, and split paths the moment they landed on Tohjo. Owen went to challenge the gyms in the hopes of becoming a stronger trainer while Eon seeks to win all the pokemon contests in the region.



Ralts (Raven) (Female):
Confusion, Double Team

Mime Jr. Egg:
Received from the Christmas Egg event. Due to hatch in the future.

PC Pokemon:


Special Ability: Psychic powers (able to communicate with people/pokemon with psychic powers too)

Battling Style: Very laid back, "see what your opponents are doing then respond" style. Also, very keen on confusing opponent trainers and make them unable to make the right decisions. Has quite a sadistic style of fighting where he likes to place himself in an advantage by either lowering his opponent's stats greatly or to increase his own. Uses status effects to his advantage too.

Motto: Perfection is key.

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Re: Eon and Raven

Post by Yukki on Sun Nov 27, 2011 3:56 pm

Approved.~ So not glad to have another hax psychic. <3


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