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My character Sheet

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My character Sheet

Post by Stan465 on Tue Apr 17, 2012 10:02 pm

Name: Yasuhiro Takahashi

Aliases/ Nicknames:Yasu




Hometown:Fauna City

Family:Father and Mother

Physical Description: Baby-faced, and fairly short, Yasuhiro is a young-looking man. He stands at about 5'5, making him shorter than most men his age. Yasuhiro's eyes are a bright brown and his hair is an extremely dark brown, draping around his face in an almost scraggly fashion. He is very pale, and has a very lanky build, almost looking like a cancer patient before the hair loss.

Yasuhiro has terrible eyesight, and an annoying reflex that causes him to blink whenever something comes within an inch of his eye, no matter what it is. Because of this, he wears a thin-framed set of glasses, which correct his near-sighted gaze.

Yasuhiro has a tendency to wear basic polo shirts and t-shirts, along with a pair of dark jeans. He is OCD about wearing lighter colors on top, for a reason even Yasuhiro doesn't understand.

Additional Information:none

Inventory: 5x pokeballs 1x potion

Rank: Trainer



Personality: Yasuhiro is a calm and quiet man, often soft spoken

History: He lives in a small house on the edge of Fauna city. He has no siblings and being quiet
he didn't have very many friends.when he was 15 he talked his parents into getting him a pokemon.
They got him a pidgey they became fast freinds few weeks later he decided to set out on his journey to
collect all the gym badges.


Pokemon #1 Name:pidgey Gender:Female
Moves:quick attack and gust

Pokemon #2 (nickname?) (Gender):

Pokemon #3 (nickname?) (Gender):

Pokemon #4 (nickname?) (Gender):

Pokemon #5 (nickname?) (Gender):

Pokemon #6 (nickname?) (Gender):

PC Pokemon:



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Re: My character Sheet

Post by ReploidZero on Wed Apr 18, 2012 9:33 pm

This profile has been approved. ^^ Welcome to the forum and enjoy your stay. I appreciate your support and I'm the forum owner so if any assistance is needed feel free to ask me.

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